KaZaZZ! - About Us Search Technology

KaZaZZ! allows users the ability to quickly locate information on the Internet by integrating multiple search databases and processes into the search experience.  The integration of these databases and processes are designed to provide users with the most accurate, relevant and exciting search choices in the shortest period of time.   KaZaZZ! search technologies are summarized below:

  • Web Search - Web search provides search results from our dynamic search database.  Our search database continuously updates itself based on actual searches made on our search engine.
  • Suggest a Search - Suggest a Search predicts and displays interesting search requests (U.S. Patent Pending Technology) prior to users entering their search terms in the KaZaZZ! search form. 
  • Shopping Search -Shopping Search is an integrated list of advertisers and free listings that are combined to provide search results related  to products, services, music, movies, celebrities, sports, dating, research, education, Internet tools and many other search categories.  Advertisers are listed first within the search results and are matched based on keywords and phrases.  In addition, these listing are supplemented by directory listings in the appropriate categories.  Finally, if search queries do not generate a relevant match in either the advertiser database or the directory database, the search engine then sends the queries to our Hot Sites search engine.

  • Local Search - KaZaZZ! has developed a simple search protocol within Web Search that allows consumers the ability to find local web sites using KaZaZZ! Web Search.  Consumers can search locally by just adding the city after their search term.  For example, if you were looking for shopping in New York City, you would type "shopping new york" in the Web Search Box.

  • Enterprise Solutions
    KaZaZZ! Enterprise Solutions allows search engines, e-commerce web sites, intranet web site and informational web sites the ability to enrich the user's search experience through the U.S. patent pending Suggest a Search technology.  More Information