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Kazazz has the following open positions:

Community Relations Manager:

Community Relations Manager

About Kazazz Search Engine:
Kazazz is a Dallas, Texas based search engine that provides web, social and mobile search results to its users and generates revenue when users click on paid search advertising within its search results. For example, if you search for "new bands" on Kazazz, you will get two sets of search results. You will get highlighted paid search advertising at the top of the search results page and free organic search listing that are located under the paid search advertising. If you click on the paid search advertising, Kazazz will generate revenue for that search.

The community relations manager is responsible for building awareness of Kazazz Search Engine throughout your local community. These responsibilities include:

  • Evangelize the Kazazz Search Engine throughout your local community.
  • Encourage mobile phone users in your local community to bookmark Kazazz.com on their smartphones and perform their mobile searches using the Kazazz Search Engine.
  • Promote Kazazz on all popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr.
  • Promote Kazazz to family and friends through face to face visits, email and social media.
  • Visit community centers, libraries, churches, schools and other places that have public computers and encourage these places to make Kazazz the home page for all of their public computers.
  • Introduce Kazazz Search Engine to local businesses and organizations.


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