KaZaZZ! - About Us Enterprise Search Solutions

KaZaZZ! Enterprise Search Solutions allows search engines, e-commerce, intranet and informational web sites the ability to enrich their user's search experience by deploying its U.S. patent pending Intelli-Match search technology.  The Intelli-Match Search Technology can enhance your web site by:

  • Providing users with search topics of interest based on their search history;
  • Transition your search function from a chore to an exciting entertainment product;
  • Focusing search in targeted areas based on the nature of your web site;
  • Promote key products, services, topics, activities or events; and
  • Create a high-end branding product by deploying the search box as advertising real estate.
  • Differentiate your web site from your competitors.

To get more information about how you can license the Intelli-Match search technology, please email kazazz@kazazz.com.